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Several advantages for steel silo granary

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2019/05/28 17:16


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  Silo (Silos, metal, grain silo) has the following advantages: 1, light weight, low supplies, thereby reducing the cost base. 2, the high degree of standardization, according to domestic materials, made from standard parts, in order to achieve standardization, universal serial production, warehouse-type any combination of various user needs. 3, simple and quick assembly, steel silo (Silos, metal, grain silo) All parts are made of bolted connections, quick installation, short construction period. 4, easy to automate, steel silo have equipment that can be configured according to requirements Jincang, a warehouse, ventilation, drying, temperature, measured over other equipment, to achieve the purpose of safe grain storage. 5, demolition, easy maintenance, the local board is damaged can be replaced. 6, low cost, age appropriate. Typically only 35% to 50% of reinforced concrete warehouses, service life up to 30 years.