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Development and function of the direction of development of large-scale steel library technology

tianyi steelsilo
2011/05/03 17:15


Development and function of the direction of development of large libraries of large steel plate database technology with its large reserves, investment, conservation of land resources, construction period is short and energy saving effect is prominent, and other advantages, widely used in cement companies benefit from the rapid development. More than three years over the rapid spread of the hundreds of large-scale steel library to form a competing use of hot spots. Functional status of large steel library has been basically adapted to the majority of the practical requirements of enterprises, but how to better levels of development, the current state, it should be still in its infancy. This feature is only reflected in the initial stage of an alternative floor-frame construction model, which underscores the earth floating force to form an anti-load performance of the function, the role of member libraries, special libraries top structural stresses also illustrates resource conservation effect. The practical effect through different geological conditions has been verified.